Bluechip Engineering

About Us

To all loyal and prospective customers, Bluechip Engineering has expert engineering skills and a wealth of experience to offer, with a proven performance record.

This vast wealth of experience in manufacturing, refurbishment and fabrication has enabled Bluechip Engineering to build alliances in key industries, such as mining, agriculture, offshore oil & gas and general industry, both at a national and international level.

With a large client base and well-known product range, Bluechip Engineering delivers services ranging from one-off jobbing and staffing through to complete project management.

Troubleshooting and ongoing product improvement are our main objectives for pursuing excellence, a commitment which has helped cultivate a satisfied client base.

Bluechip Engineering has introduced an efficient system of coping with individual delivery requirements, based on a collated rating system and tailored to meet specific performance criteria.

At Bluechip Engineering, we take a particular interest in our clients' aspirations in the pursuit of excellence.

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